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Leading manufacturer of tools for overhead lines and underground
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We wish through the same show who we are, what our products and services and which basically is our commitment to you, our customer.

We wish through the same show who we are, what are our products and services and which basically is our commitment to you, our customer.

Cross it after you have additional questions, please contact our sales department and we will expand the information sending them the relevant documentation.

We have a pleasant and fruitful search.
Our Company
Since our beginning in 1985 and building on previous technical experience of 20 years in the business, we are dedicated exclusively to "design" and "manufacturing" Tools and Accessories "Laying of Transmission and Distribution Lines Energy Transformer Stations and Facilities power.

Our priority was and still give customers a quick and efficient solution to their problems, giving priority to quality and service. to do this, we have provided the group of people that we are, with the flexibility and dedication the market requires.

In addition to a wide range of products, all made entirely national, permanently maintain the policy of updating our models, incorporating developments that meet the growing needs of our customers.

Stands out as a fundamental aspect of our goals, keeping unchanged the "maximum reliability for our tools," guiding efforts to ensure constant compliance with the procedures and requirements governing the various sectors of our company.

Given the ongoing changes affecting the country, we are today with the challenge of participating in a growing and continued in the Latin American market and even the rest of the globalized market today. it is this decision that we are adapting our structure to the requirements they generate.

Directly or through our distributors, retailers, local representatives, we provide our tools to the following companies:
- Companies and Consortia BUILDERS Line Transport / Distribution and Transformer
- Electric Power Distribution Companies
- Electric Cooperatives
- contractors and installers
- DEALERS AND SHOPS Electrical Materials
Product Categories
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Design and construction of special tools according to customer requirements and standards.
Support pre-and post-sales.
Repair services of high reliability, to manufacture their own tools or imported.
Equipment Rental and hard compression.
Representation in the country of international manufacturers of machines for laying of overhead and underground lines.
Technical Information
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